What is growth if we are the only one who enjoy the growth? What shall we do to enable growth inclusion? What can we do so others can grow as we grow?

At KVB, we see edu-technology as an enabler of growth inclusion. Having knowledge and experiences on brand and communications, KVB has KVB Wonder that works with local and global edutech companies in providing trainings of skills to strive in the rapid changing world and in the new economy.

The trainings are designed for:

  1. Fresh graduates
  2. Professionals at enterprises and startups
  3. Leaders at startups and enterprises

The online classes are available at edutech marketplaces, produced in partnership with edutech startups companies in Indonesia and other countries in the world: Codemi, Haruka, Skillagogo, Udemy

KVB Wonder also provides consulting service for edutech and educational institutions, to help them:

  1. Build their reputation and brands in the market
  2. Promote their educational products to the targeted market

As this is about inclusion, we invite you to take part. Do you wonder about how to take part on this?

And first, do you wonder about our iconic Fox at KVB Wonder logo? Please feel free to send email to


Let’s drive inclusion and sustainability.

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