Purpose & Values

We aim to contribute to human growth and humanities.

We create and deliver contents via multi-platforms to drive sustainable growth and inclusion.


  • - Purpose-driven. We are built to craft impacts: clients’, partners, KVB team’s sustainable growth and inclusion.
  • - Democratize learning. Everyone is both a mentor and a mentee at KVB.
  • - Support game-change. We are adaptive and support change for improved humanities.
  • - Process oriented, not just result that matters. We pursue our best quality by exercising analytical and innovative thinking and applying principles during process to achieve results.
  • - Innovation for sustainability and humanities. We have appetite for innovative technology that creates environmental sustainability and better humanities.


  • - We operate with mutual respect, honesty and humility.
  • - We are committed to build long-term partnerships for more measurable impacts, with transparency and confidentiality being the keys.
  • - We uphold verbal commitment and legal obligations.
  • - We build a team of responsible individuals working in collaboration
  • - We strive to grow leaders by encouraging individuals’ potentials