In time of Covid-19

In March until June 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak, KVB’s priorities were the safety of the team, continuing to deliver work for clients’ growth by optimizing technology and work in collaboration with partners to continuously create and deliver impactful contents.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, KVB worked as content collaborator with WIR Global in developing tech-based products to navigate and help communities, which were 10RumahAman, Akses Untuk Bangsa, Awadah Dakwah and Dapur Tetap Ngebul.

We are sector agnostic; we work with clients and partners from various sectors. We have worked with 100's of clients from big holdings, blue chips companies and to pre-seed start ups.

KVB also set a partnership with Startup Indonesia on providing distinctive offers for startups focusing on content that drive sustainability and inclusion, to navigate and set the path for the future.

Let’s drive inclusion and sustainability.

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