Growth Story

KVB (was Kennedy, Voice & Berliner) has been marking continous growth since it was founded on 23 November 2011 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

The growth has been due to:

1. Optimize the growth of tech sector
As Indonesia market (and global) has been shifted into more digital, KVB set Voice of Startups at the quarter one of 2012 to provide Public Relations for startups. Beside functioning as revenue generator, Voice of Startups has been one of the key differentiating points of KVB especially because of its sector-agnostic approach and mentorship program.

2. Tapping into the change on enterprise landscape
We work with mainly global and local financial companies, which set our differentiation in the market. We also work with other companies in various sectors especially the ones who would like to change.

3. Evolving
We evolve into a unitary consultancy, that we do not only offer PR, but we have full stack social sciences based consultants that can give advice and work with tech founders and non-tech companies in growing their ventures.

4. Diversification
We add and diversify our streams, making KVB has four (4) streams of revenue. Products of each stream is continously adapted with the market change.

5. Agriculture and Technology: Our Differentiated thoughtleadership
We have been partnering with key technology events in supporting inclusion while at the same time we run our probono works that focus on farmers and agriculture, making KVB the PR firm and later a unitary consultancy that has agriculture related issue as CSR.