Social Media Management

Social media users have well surpassed the 3.8 billion mark and companies are capitalizing on it. Social media and your business webpage are the two so-called "digital storefronts" where customers and potential customers are browsing your products and services as well as interacting with you. Managing social media however is vastly different when compared to managing actual storefronts where you just have to showcase different products.

How Will Social Media Help My Business?

  • 1. Faster and easier communication with your customer: Customers can contact a customer service representative faster and easier now by using social media. As opposed to the traditional phone method of customer service, by using social media they will be able to interact with your company faster, easier, and in some cases more affordable.
  • 2. Boosts your online presence and traffic: Social media channels are considered to be supplemental to your business webpage, which means that if your business have your own webpage, having well-managed social media channels is exponentially more beneficial. Social media approaches differently than websites as they are intended for different audiences in a way that is useful, personable, entertaining, and engaging. You may not have ever had the chance to engage with these audiences previously without social media.
  • 3. Branding: Although social media is not the end-all be-all of online branding, it is one major aspect of it. Your messaging across social platforms allows you to talk about what is the most important to your customers. Each social media platform is different in terms of the demographics of the audience using it, what it does well, and the type of content you see.
  • 4. As a Storefront - attracting potential customers: Look up your favorite restaurant's social media (if they have one) and tell me the contents of it. I can guarantee that almost every restaurant's social media (especially Instagram) consists of their food lineup and special promotion items. The differences between social media and traditional storefronts are that you can reach more audience and you can provide a uniform experience to all your outlets.

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