Community-Oriented Campaigns

The most important thing in doing a socially driven and community oriented campaign is to be unique. Many brands around the world have the same cause and purpose when engaging in such campaigns, but their output has to remain unique if they want to appear unique and honest. Imagine a world where every brand that is fighting to remove poverty has the same campaign. Yes they will still contribute to poverty, but not to their business.

Community-oriented campaigns (or what we traditionally call social campaigns) is basically a marketing method designed to create social change and not to directly benefit a brand. We aim to raise awareness of a real problem or cause and aim to convince an audience to change their behaviors either directly or indirectly.

Why is Community Campaign Under Digital Comms?

Although not 100% digital, we prioritize digital channels such as social media for social campaigns as they are able to reach more audiences per dollar spent. We help you organize a holistic social campaign, utilizing both digital and conventional channels, in order to create the desired change. We focus on the benefit to the public good instead of your product or service.

Let’s drive inclusion and sustainability.

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