Analytics and Media Monitoring

Contrary to popular belief, media monitoring has been around for hundreds of years; back when newspapers and magazines were the only mass media. With the advent of technology, the amount of content that is available to view has spiked drastically. The Internet and social media have been the main driving force in this rise of content.

We understand the importance of media monitoring as a way to listen in on conversations and as the basis of a brand's strategies and actions. On top of that, we will analyze and give them points based on their value in monetary terms. We would then compile a monthly report in which we can recommend what course of action you should take for the next month or fiscal year.

KVB uses 360 degree monitoring and analytics where we combine digital and manual approach. The digital (cloud base) includes digital data collection, automated sentiment analysis, instant benchmarking, daily trends and issue, social network and geographical analysis plus AI generated reports. Our manual monitoring includes newspapers, magazines and google news.

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