KVB is a communications and venture consulting company, with Grow With Impact as the Soul.

We provide venture and communications consulting. We deliver the voices and stories of enterprises, startups and venture capital firms using Public Relations and other ways and channels.

KVB drives inclusion.

We connect enterprises to startups and media. We connect startups to media and investors.

We have Voice of Startups, a platform to deliver startups stories, as PR is more inclusive now, plus it connects startups with investors too.

KVB has Paddy as our pro-bono community program focusing on agriculture and farmers.

We also have been developing joint partnership with tech and non-tech partners and co-found tech-based platform too.

We are excited by our growth story. KVB was founded on 23 November 2011 as a single Public Relations firm named Kennedy, Voice & Berliner. We are evolving to be a communications and venture consulting company. We continue working with enterprises, startups and venture capital firms.

Grow With Impact is Our Soul

We help grow and evolve Ventures.
We deliver good Voice.
We drive Impact and Inclusion.

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